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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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another would approve same-sex marriage law and another controversial measure would guarantee in-state tuition to some undocumented students. >> that's right, in virginia, all eyes are on a hotly contested senate race there. we know two former governor, democrat tim kaine and george allen are battling for the seat vacated by democratic senator jim webb. the outcome could determine whether democrats keep the narrow majority in the senate. >> and in the district, the residents are casting their votes for six, count them six council seats a lot there, including the council chairman and the race getting the most attention is for the two at- large seats in the council. incumbents michael brown and vincent orange are facing challenges, five, in fact, and other candidates for the two spots. >> nationally, all eyes are on the presidential race. tom, let's talk about the state's that are going to be key in this battle as we get right down here to the final votes. >> we don't have to go far. virginia. >> virginia. yes. >> you look at what has gone on the last few years, when you
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say battleground states what you need to have. in 2,000 it was florida, four years ago, ohio and this year, ohio is going to be key. let's keep it in virginia for a minute. you talked a minute go ago about the senate race going on between tim kaine and between george allen. tim kaine in his gubernatorial race, allen and also mark warner. virginia has gone increasingly purple. you have a situation where northern virginia, especially n areas of louden county and fairfax county, they have gotten progressively more democratic over the last few years. now, it's a different picture altogether when you go down to the county, parts of danville, over to roanoke. that is solid republican ground. for the most part, the formula
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to winning virginia, the last few election cycles, is to run hard if you're a democrat in the northern parts of virginia and do what can you around areas like richmond. that is a very urban voting block, strongly democratic base and see if can you piece together northern virginia, say richmond and newport news. the difference this year, though, is that mitt romney's campaign turned the logic on its head. they said no, we're going into fairfax county, loudoun county and there was a span of about three weeks here where the romney forces almost met the president appearance by appearance. the president would have an appearance in fairfax, mitt romney would come in a couple of days later. so, there is no territory right now in virginia that in some form or another, has not been touched by either one of these presidential campaigns. you look at the poor folks in maryland and they couldn't buy one of these presidential candidates to come into their
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state and that is because they haven't come in. that is an area that is decided. virginia voters have almost been, have an embarrassment of riches this year. they have seen the candidates and spent time with them. they have had numerous amounts of time to look at the men up close. >> uh-huh. >> and make their determinations against them. the key tonight to watch these votes, loudoun county. when they first come in tonight, we're going get a better am on how that northern virginia block is going to go and that might tell you something. >> and it's been good for you as a political reporter that much of the race is playing out in our own backyard. as the night progresses and our coverage continues, we'll talk about ohio, pennsylvania, of course, and pennsylvania. tom fitzgerald, thank you. craig bosswell is traveling with the obama campaign in chicago and has the latest. >> reporter: president obama wrapped up his campaign in iowa and put in time in the chicago
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field office. >> and can you hear me? this is barack obama, how are you? >> reporter: imagine hearing that on the other end of the phone line while president obama visited his campaign headquarters, he placed a half dozen or so phone calls to supporters and team leaders in neighboring wisconsin. he visited the state again yesterday. >> my name is barack obama, you know the president? >> hi. >> reporter: he congratulated mitt romney on a spirited campaign but he's confidence about -- confident about his chances. >> i am looking forward to the results and i expect we will have a good night. >> reporter: joe biden was on the move with an unannounced stop in ohio, likely the most important in the battleground states. he was not alone there, the gop nominee and running mate were there on election day. and biden's plane landed minutes after the plane touched down on the same cleveland tarmac. the vice president's stop comes after he cast the ballot in delaware. >> and that is all a kick to see people out here and hope
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everyone exercises their right to vote. >> president obama cast his ballot late last month and is spending a portion of his time today doing a series of satellite television interviews, reaching out to voters in key swing states n. chicago, craig bosswell, fox news. >> and let's go to boston, massachusetts, where jennifer davis is standing by. she's live with the romney campaign there and what is the scope like there tonight, jennifer? >> reporter: after voting, they make one last dash to ohio for 11th hour campaigning. he doesn't want to look back with any regrets. mitt romneys and his wife ann cast ballots and they hit the trail for one last day heading to the buckeye state. >> it's critical and this is a big day for big change. we're about to change america to help people in ways they couldn't imagine to have help
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for good jobs. >> reporter: his running mate voted in wisconsin before joining romney in ohio. >> this is a day we work hard and got them back on the right track. >> reporter: they shared a quick one at wendy's and split up for the final visit of their campaign. ryan's last stop is in virginia and governor romney makes a final push in pennsylvania, hoping to turn things in a favor and a state that hasn't voted for a republican presidential candidate since 1988. at the big rally monday night in new hampshire, romney thanked the state where he launched his presidential campaign and expressed confidence how this elect will end. >> and tomorrow, your votes and your work right here in new hampshire will help me become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: romney, ryan, their families and supporters will make their way to this convention center later this evening and this is where they will watch the return comes in. jennifer davis, fox news. >> and light take it local. voters have key decisions to
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make. we continue our election coverage now as we follow important races close to home and we begin with karen gray houston who is live in virginia. virginia, is expected to have an important say in the presidential race and could determine which party will control the u.s. senate. >> reporter: this is a polling place with two precincts inside the school. the lake braddock precinct, we're hold the thigh told they have heavy voting most of today and signal hill. let's look at this and that is a festive atmosphere. they have a bake sail and some high school students playing music, chamber music and that tent back there and for voters passing the gauntlet of electioneers out here and we're told they have had few problems, they didn't have the
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necessary i.d. and there is no big problems and that is a presidential contest that is a race, driving people to the polls and we know this is going to be an election that will be a nail biter, but of the -- and i would say we spoke to a lot of voters and they want to give obama a second term and shot at it and that is an unscientific toll. one more thing, the poll close at 7:00 and that is in virginia. >> our election coverage continues in maryland. three questions on the ballot drawing attention. question four, maryland's version of the dream act. question 6, civil marriage protection act. and question seven, the gambling expansion referendum. lauren demarco is live at a polling station in maryland. how is the turnout there? >> reporter: you know what, shawn? 2800 people are expected at
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this precinct and those who are eligible to vote here in laurel maryland, there are 3.7 registered voters, 11 1/2% and voted early. of course, you can expect plenty of people. the line is growing here from when we arrived early. earlier, it snakes around and we have several people waiting along to get inside. we talked with some of the voters about what brought them out here, the big issues that brought them to the polls today. >> civic duty. >> reporter: it's a busy ballot with three questions leading up to election day. question four, maryland's version of the dream act would make some undocumented immigrants eligible for in- state tuition at community and four-year public colleges and univerties. no official poll, but many voters we spoke with were for the measure. >> and definitely vote for
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them. yeah. >> how come? >> i have family members trying to get in college and they not legal yet. so, i want to help them. >> reporter: another hotly contested issue, question 6. the civil marriage protection act to allow same-sex couples to obtain a civil marriage license. >> i voted no. because it's against my belief. >> i support gay rights, you know, that me. >> reporter: to question 7 now. the gaming expansion referendum. there are reports that more than $90 million have been spent by advocates on both sides of the debate. >> i was supposed to. >> a gambling night is good. >> it increases jobs. >> when it -- >> when it comes to the presidential elect, many chose not to disclose their decision. others are being vocal about their votes. >> go obama. >> you're a romney supporter? >> no, i like his ideas, but he's not going to do what obama's trying to do, take everything away from us. >> as far as the senate and
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congressional rays, seems that most voters are voting along party lines and they were not getting as much talk as the bigger issues. voting in maryland, the polls will be open until 8:00 p.m. you want to come out here befority error p.m., before the polls closed. if you're a first-time voter, you need to provide identification and that information is available online. we have links on that is the latest in laurel. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, lauren. still to to vote in the -- still time to vote in the district. matt ackland is live with more on the turnout and what voters are deciding. good evening, matt. >> reporter: will, good evening. turnout has been good across the district today. kind of hard to say here in northeast. there is an auditorium here. the volkswagon -- folks are going into the auditorium and line up. earlier this morning, we talked to one woman who came here to vote. she said it was just as the polls were opening up and the line stretched down the block, around the corner about 500
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people in line and she decided heck with that, she's going to go to work and came back this afternoon. things were better. as you were saying before, there are four council seats, four ward council seats on the line, as well as two at-large seats and also, that chairman of the council seat. remember, that was vacated by kwame brown when he resigned after pleading guilty to two criminal charges earlier this year. so the voting precincts are open and there is some lines still and you're going to get through as you're heading to the precincts tonight. back to you. >> thank you for the update. you have a lot of time to make the polls count. they're open until until 8:00 in d.c., 7:00 in virginia. as we have been talking about, there are extra issues on the ballots so give yourself a little more time to cast your vote. coming up tonight, two former governors vying for a
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vacant seat in virginia. we're live in richmond with the cane and allen campaign. >> and a swing state that could be critical to the presidential election. we're going take to you florida where president obama and governor mitt romney are locked in a virtual dead heat. hi, gary. >> hello, will. a dry day today. a little on the chilly side. the clouds are coming in in advance of this nor easter that is coming up the coast coast. stay with us. when we switched to fios, we got better tv,
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. most political pundits agree that only a handful of states will tilt the election besides virginia. we have been talking about that, ohio as well. the country will closely watch developments in florida tonight. the latest polling shows immediate florida may end up being the closest election in the country. the polling group conducted four polls over the past three weeks and two of the mitt romney held a one-point lead. the other two, president obama has a one-point advantage. doug smith has more from tampa and is joining us. doug, 29 electoral votes up for grabs in florida. >> yeah. >> and the candidates are battling it out there, aren't they? >> they have been become familiar faces the last few months and the owe-by-four
5:17 pm
corridor from tampa -- i-4 corridor from tampa to miami beach, that is critical. miami-dade to the north, tallahassee, republican, that is why the focus is in our area. >> before the poems open at 7:00 -- the polls open at 7:00 this morning, the presidential battle was only half hover with early voting, right? >> reporter: you're right. 4.5million people cast votes early. that is either absentee ballots or early voting. early voting here in this state ran from saturday, 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 p.m. on, just the most recent weekend and that was the one- week period where you could early vote and a lot of people did. >> a record turnout is expected, more than in 2008, 75% of registered voters and i read a quote from your secretary of state and he thought this would be incredible. >> you're right. there has been a great turnout for early voting and they expect a good turnout at the
5:18 pm
polls today. it raind this morning and has been a nice day. the biggest obstacle, it's a long ballot. there are 11 amendments on the ballot. it takes people a long time to go through them, meaning some people had to wait upwards of an hour and a half today and there is a big turnout, as you mentioned, will. >> i am sure the local media and national media are all over this one. there were big voting problems over the weekend, long lines, et cetera. generally, how are things going today? >> well, it's florida. they're going exactly how you would expect, which is problems. and in one county, they made robo calls this morning saying don't forget to vote, you have until tomorrow and that is dead wrong. they may come into focus down the road with legal challenges. it'sfla and it will be a fun night here. >> it's florida and we can remember the hanging chads. >> yeah. >> and whoever wins the 29
5:19 pm
electoral votes will depend in large part which party supporters are going to turn out. that is going to be close. >> yeah. >> doug smith, thank you so much. >> reporter: okay. thank you. both candidates making their final pitches to voters today. president obama in his hometown of chicago making the last appeal to voters in a round of tv and radio introduces and stopping at the campaign site. meanwhile, mitt romney on the road holding last-minute campaign rallies in ohio and pennsylvania. fox 5 political analyst mark platkin joins us. two strategies. the president left rallies in iowa and he's playing basketball with family and friends. meanwhile, mitt romney was in ohio and an unscheduled stop in pets bug. what should we read from this? >> the president is making phone calls to local tv stations in swing states. he doesn't have to call the district of columbia. that is the electoral votes and so does maryland. he decided to do the traditional route and go back and try to fire up the troops
5:20 pm
in chicago. mitt romney, you can interpreter that, shawn, as either, look, i'm going for broke. i'm not going to run a third time and let's try ohio. i can't win without ohio and maybe pennsylvania's in play. look, i will go into pennsylvania. either it's an act of great strategy or quiet desperation. >> all right, let's talk more about those key swing states. we know virginia, ohio, pennsylvania, florida all key to the race. are there any scenarios where either candidate could win without winning ohio? >> there are simulations, and i won't go through all of the varieties that there are, but it's confusing and complicated and as the evening goes on, they would be more relevant. there is no way that one candidate, let's simplify it, can lose ohio and virginia and still be elected with 270
5:21 pm
votes. i think they discounted florida winning 29 and i think the strategy they have with a mid- western firewall of winning ohio, wisconsin, and iowa, coupled with pennsylvania will be enough. >> and let me ask you about the local races, what are some of the top local races we should be watching tonight as the return comes in? >> and in virginia, the cane- allen race. the two titans with name recognition. allen trying to regain the senate seat after losing jim webb. earlier on, it was thought the entire u.s. senate was going to rest on this race. the democrats will pick up seats from republicans in massachusetts in maine and in to indiana. that is not a great deal. both allen and cane are very, very tight as brian moran said
5:22 pm
there are no obama-allen voters. in maryland, we have a situation where john delaine, a democrat, is trying to -- in the redrawn sixth district. >> all right, those are the key races. we know you will be here throughout the night and we'll talk to you later. >> thank you. coming up now, election day traditions. we're going to take you inside president obama's routine and show you where heel watch the results tonight. >> our political coverage continues on our website, and there it is there. coming up next, we're going to be in the web center to walk you through what you find on the website, including the all- important results. stay close. 
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. >> welcome back. we're live in the web center right now. our team of web producers have been working hard to keep you
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up to date if you can't be in front of your tv. let me walk you through this. you go to your home page and click on the election page bar and that is going bring you to this. this is our elect page. rich, you skipped ahead of me a step and this is one of the most important things, our results. d.c., maryland, the national elections. you click on one of those and it takes you to the page of results as well and this is it right now. d.c., all of the ward races, the chairman race as well. let's go back to our election page. one of the most important things, especially for those of you who have not voted yet. remember,ity error:00 in d.c. and maryland, 7:00 in virginia. voters services. you can find out where to go. you click on polling place and that will take to you a page where you put your address. you hit search and it will come up. we're also showing you our tweets as well and hash tag barack obama, hash tag mitt romney and voter 2012. you be a part of the conversation. as i wrap up here, download our app. this is what you can see.
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you will watch all of the results realtime from your smart phone. again g to our website, and download our apps to your smartphone or droid or iphone. >> that will come in handy. thank you, will. did you know that president obama has election day traditions? apparently he's sticking to them. he played basketball with friends and staffers this morning. he had some fun, we understand, doing that. and there is speculation he might each lunch in this chicago restaurant. workers are excited and they might get a glimpse of the commander in chief. >> if he comes in here, we treat him like every other guest. definitely, you know, things will be different. the heightened security. >> turns out the president enjoyed lunch at his chicago home in hyde park. he also plans to enjoy dinner at home before going to mccormack place later tonight. coming up, we're putting the spotlight virginia's hotly contested senate race. why the outcome could decide who controls congress. we'll be right back.
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. virginia voters have several big decisions to make, including choosing a senator. former governors tim kaine and george allen are battling for the seat vacated by jim web. the outcome could determine whether democrats keep their narrow majority in the senate. we begin with john henrehan live in richmond with the campaign. john. >> reporter: we stopped here at the woodbridge library, which is mostly obama territory. prince william county went strongly for obama in 2008 and 2009, went strongly for the governor, the republican governor of virginia. and it's very much a swing area. while we have found most of the
5:32 pm
obama voters are voting for cane, their solidness are varying. >> how about in the u.s. senate race, george allen versus tim kaine? >> i think i voted for tim kaine. >> any idea why? >> no. i don't know about that. yeah, sorry. >> that's okay. >> tim kaine. >> why? >> i think he's, he falls in line with the whole obama administration with good education, liberal rights, that sort of thing. simply. >> you're solid for both? >> again, this seems to be solid for tame cane -- tell cane and that is a tiny
5:33 pm
snapshot. sean? >> and we have a long night ahead of us. from the democratic candidate to the republican contender now, we are live in richmond covering george allen's run for the senate. fox 5s bob barnard is live with the -- at the omni hotel where former senator allen is hoping to get a seat on capitol hill again, bob. >> reporter: we're outside of the hotel ball room where george allen is hosting his victory party tonight. the omni hotel in downtown richmond and the candidate is visiting with voters at a polling place. he joined hundreds of others up early and casting ballots. this hotly contested race is nearly two years in the making and allen and his wife voting in a table, not a booth and he hopes to reclaim the u.s. senate seat he lost in 2006. the latest poll shows allen
5:34 pm
behind tim kaine but he's confident and is glad election day is here. >> virginians have the opportunity, really, to make history and that -- i think they recognize that. the world's controlled by those who she up. so, people who use electricity and drive a car, think healthcare decisions ought to be made by doctors and patients, not a panel, people who pay taxes, people who want a job or those who care about the future of their children and grandchildren, i feel confident we will prevail and america will begin to send again. >> reporter: george allen spent more than $12 million on this campaign. his thinking is that if he wins tonight, perhaps republicans can take control of the u.s. senate. 13 electoral votes are up for grabs in virginia. mitt romney has been here more than two dozen times, will. again, as john mentioned a short time ago, the polls close at 7:00 in the commonwealth of
5:35 pm
virginia and we'll be here all night with the allen campaign. >> no doubt, virginia is a realplayer, locally and nationally. bob, thank you. coming up tonight, why the controversial topic of abortion could help decide key senate races nationwide. >> plus, we're going to show you the extreme measures being take own this election day and states dealing with the aftermath of super storm sandy. where others fail, droid powers through.
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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. we continue our coverage now on this important election day. besides choosing a president, there are a number of hotly contested senate races we're following. among them in massachusetts, fitting republican incumbent scott brown against consumer activists and democratic challenger elizabeth warren. more money has been pumped into this race than any other in the country. both sides have raised more than $50 million brown, you may
5:40 pm
recall, is finishing the term of the late edward kennedy. the seat had men been in democratic hands for decades. warren is a professional and instrumental in helping the white house create the consumer financial protection bureau. >> claire mccaskill is leading her republican challenger, todd a kin. she was traaugust when akin made the comment that women's bodies have ways to shut down conception in ways he called legitimate rape. after that, most funding was pulled from his campaign and he stayed in the race. he has no regrets. in indiana, tea party state treasurer since richard mourdock is locked in a close race with joe donnelly for senate seat. he recently made headlines, a lot of headlines, when he said he believes pregnancies from rape are god's will. he beat richard lugar saying that he was too moderate in congress. the most recent poll has donnelly leading by 3 1/2%. and stay with fox 5 for continuing coverage on this
5:41 pm
election day. we're going break down all of the results throughout the night and then be sure to watch fox 5 news at 10 for a complete recap for the presidential race. coming up tonight, local firefighters returning home after traveling to areas hit hard by super storm sandy. >> and plus, we're learning more about earthquakes on the east coast. why it appears they can do more damage than previously thought. >> and a live look outside tonight. doesn't it look beautiful out there? what a great day for election day. gary's back with the latest on the nor'easter that could turn a beautiful day. we'll have more on that. the temperatures and some snow when we come back. i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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. in new jersey, voters hit hard by superstorm sandy are determined to fill their duty.
5:45 pm
they flooded polling places in ocean county. some are full of sand and without power. many voters cast their ballots at the administration center and tom's river. as many as 6,000 people voted there and busy first responders who voted in between their calls. >> they both blocked off a lot of things and shut down the power out. only did they get a jump start early. >> this is the first time. >> you figured? >> yeah, yeah, we were on a call and jump in here and do it. >> the authorities are going out of their way to connect with voters. two dozen polling places without power received generators and a voting bus made its way to emergency shelters. the fairfax county search- and-rescue team got back from helping victims of hurricane sandy in time to vote themselves. beth parker was there as a team of firefighters and rescue personnel returned home. >> reporter: they marching back home from a place that might have felt like a war zone. >> we were faced with a lot of
5:46 pm
elderly people who could not get out of the houses, pregnant females, the situations like. that. >> reporter: the fairfax county urban search-and-rescue team arrived in new jersey before sandy hit and waited out the storm. >> it's always rewarding to help people, especially when they're in need. >> reporter: paul rui is one of the two task force leaders. >> we go out of the door for this type of deployment with an 80-person team, that ranges from primarily rescue specialists, structure rescue specialists. we have four k-9 handler -- handlers and dogs on the scene. >> reporter: a levee broke flooding new jersey. >> it filled up the township, basically. >> reporter: 10,000 people were affected. >> people were basically stranded in their homes. >> they were grateful. >> reporter: the firefighters' work put them in contaminated power. when fire was restored, some houses caught on fire. >> we're proud of them. it's a relief. >> reporter: rj was waiting for his dad. >> i just went up and hugged him. >> reporter: this crew that helped the nation on some of
5:47 pm
its lower days is always glad to see neighbors helping neighbors. >> and that is the moral of the story, i think, when stuff like that happens in america. we're going to help other people and ourselves and that is what i saw and that is what renews me as we go forward. >> reporter: when they departed a week ago, there was a lot they left behind, and now, a lot to come home to. in shan stilly -- chantilly, virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. more than a week after superstorm sandy barreled through the northeast, the montgomery county urban search- and-rescue team returned home today. the group spent nine days helping victims across new york and experienced the devastation firsthand. >> i think the biggest challenge is when you leave an environment like montgomery county, you go into an area with a lot of uncertainty. certainly, they understand what is in front of them. when you have to live without any power, sleep on the ground possibly or a cot, not good with a shower for many, many
5:48 pm
days or something warm to eat for several days, it can be very, very challenging. >> the chief said they're watching the nor'easter that is expected to hit the northeast tomorrow and said if needed, his team is ready to move out at a moment's notice. >> you have to appreciate what they do and the help they're bringing. a beautiful day, though, today. for voting and let's talk about tomorrow! >> for us this nor'easter's not a big deal. >> okay. good, good. >> and i would say as far as nor'easter's go, in a normal situation, it would not be a big deal for the northwest. >> okay. >> and we know we -- for northeast. >> okay. >> and we know we can'tsa say that. any unsettled weather -- . >> sure. >> and some are without power to the north. >> and some without homes. it's not going to be the best of days tomorrow and into thursday up there. again, in terms of the nor'easters that we generally see, this is going to be --
5:49 pm
kind of a, i wouldn't say weak, but i would say moderate, more than what would be a severe storm. and we're in a situation right now in the atmosphere that wants to breed a big storm. so, we had that happen with sandy. thank goodness the nor'easter is coming long and is not going to be a real strong dramatic storm. we'll talk about that in just a bit. 45 degrees right now, here in town. the clouds came over at least most of us, if you're in the northern tiered counties here, you're watching from southern pennsylvania, the chances are you probably had a real great day all day long and showed a picture of the sunset earlier. that was gorgeous and looking to the north-northwest and 39 for gaithersburg. the temperatures are dropping out of the suburbs. it's going to be cold overnight and should not be as cold as what it was this morning where we had numerous reports of 20s
5:50 pm
and in everybody outside of town. mostly cloudy to cloudy at sun:00, 44 degrees and the temperatures will cool and once the clouds move in and thicken up, looks like they will stay upper 30s pretty much in the city overnight tonight. warmer with this blanket of clouds that we're expecting. i would say this for us here, it's going to be a low impact nor'easter. and some of you west of i-95 won't see a drop of rain, maybe wind and that is about it. we'll have cloudy skies tomorrow. for us, we're talking a low impact nor'easter, and i think generally speaking this would be a low impact nor'easter for about everybody into the northeast. and we can't really call it that, now, can we? and there will be some gusts. forty, maybe approaching 60 miles an hour and up along the jersey shore, long island, staten island and they have that to contend with. of course, there will be a high
5:51 pm
surf. there is going to be more beach erosion. the coastal flooding won't be nearly as severe as what it was with sandy and they will get a little bit. of course, they are expecting potential for some heavy rains and mainly along the coast and again, it looks like the nor'easter will keep moving and get out of here quickly and that is going to be cold and rainy and that should come back quickly into thursday and friday. we see the clouds coming up. again, across the mason-dixon line. that is clear and that is going to change. this is all of the cloudiness coming up in advance of the nor'easter, and that is beginning to get its act offshore and looks like the latest guidance is suggesting that it's going to be a little bit farther offshore and that will be some good news. it will carry most of the package of rain to the east of
5:52 pm
us. again, we're watching heavy rain for eastern-southeastern north carolina and this will come on up. and this is future cast by tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. look at the sharp cutoff of rain and we're debating how much, again, if any rain we get here onto that i-95 corridor, it's not going to be light or heavy at all and in terms of the snow, staying to the north- northeast of us and with that precipitation and into jersey shore, long island, connecticut, and massachusetts. this is tomorrow evening at 6:00 and we might have some light rain-snow mixing to the south-southwest along i-95. if we're south of baltimore, i don't think we're going to see anything like that at all. look for jersey and into new york. again, father to the north- northwest and that is a little bit of snow. they may end up getting a coating to three inches up
5:53 pm
there and some spots could get more than three inches. the storms round up and it will continue to move quickly on out of here and into late thursday, the storm system is break up and some areas of high pressure coming in. 37, not as cold and it will be cold in the suburbs, though, around freezing. the clouds tomorrow morning, 39 and some showers around here by noon. again, just not a lot. you really have to get east of i-95 and probably east of i-95 to get anything substantial in terms of rain tomorrow. we'll blow a little on thursday with chilly breezes there and we gradually warm up, talking 60s for the weekend. -- weekend. >> i like that. >> low impact here, of course, a greater impact to the north and east, no doubt about it. >> okay. thank you, gary. and a new discovery about last year's earthquake centered in virginia. it provedna east coast tremors can go farther and cause a
5:54 pm
damage over a larger area than previously thought. the agency believed that a third of the country felt the 5.8 magnitude quake, more than any other in u.s. history. i would imagine with discoveries like, that construction standards will be likely to change. >> interesting. and let's check in with brown for what is coming up next on the news edge at 6. >> it's election night. >> really? >> in a matter of hours, the polls will close. we're live in d.c., maryland, and virginia. one-on-one with president obama and his appeal to voters in the final hours and how the vice presidential candidates spent their election day. we're on top of the race for the white house. straight ahead for the news edge at 6.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
. the autopsy of a toddler mauled by wild dogs at the pittsburgh zoo shows he bled to
5:58 pm
death. the two-year-old died sunday after falling from a railing. the boy reportedly survived the more than 10-foot tall but was mauled by the animals. the medical examiner has yet to rule if the death was an accident until the police determine if anyone will be charged. the man who was originally in the prime suspect of the 1989 disappearance of aiden pates. he's spent the last 20 years in the pennsylvania prison for molesting other children and declared responsible for the death in civil court in 2004 and later ruled there was not enough evident to criminally charge him. earlier this year, another man confessed to killing aiden and is charged in his death. three people are dead after a workplace shooting in california. gun fire erupted at valley protein in fresno. the police say at least eight people were shot and police believe the gunmen is among the dead. thank you so much for joining us at five. >> the news edge at 6 on election day starts right now.
5:59 pm
decision day. after a long campaign. it's a nail biter. the presidential candidates have cast their ballots. we know who they voted for. it's up to the rest of the country to decide and some long lines prove voters are determined in the final say in the race for the white house. battleground ohio is on the radar with other crucial swing states that could decide the election, including here in battleground virginia. fox 5s tom fitzgerald has more on the breakdown of the presidential race. tom. >> reporter: the polls in ohio will close at 7:30 and locally, they'll close at 8. what we have been looking at in ohio is a case about questions for provisional ball


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